Farm News
After much planning, we were finally able to put up a new barn in 2011.  It took us all of 8 months to do it.  In 2011, we had 10 months that were wetter than usual with 53 1/2 inches of rain, 16.65 more than usual!  It was hard to set posts in the mud.  By November we finally had it done and ready for goats to move into.
Most of our babies are born.  We were completely lopsided on our male-to-female ratio.  From January 2 to January 19, we had 18 males and 6 females born.  We expect another group to kid after March 10, and yet another in July.  The cows start calving in May.  Babies galore!
The cats love kidding time.  They like to cuddle with the babies under the heat lights.
Two new brothers snuggle together.
Is it feeding time yet??
Even though its been more like a long spring rather than a winter, some beautiful winter days have still graced us.
Being on one of the highest points in the county, it's always a good season for taking pictures.
The last of our show babies that were born in March.  We got three does and two bucks from three does.