High Hill Acres is located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.  We raise a little of everything.  Our farm is 107 acres of genuine West Virginia hill country.  Our farm is truly above the rest.  From here you can see for miles in every direction.  Needless to say, it is windy here nearly every day and the weather that the rest of the county sees seems intensified here.  We are located 28 miles south of Wheeling, WV, and Interstate 70, out a sparsely populated ridge.  We love the country and feel it is the ideal place to raise the children.

We bought High Hill Acres in 1999 from my husband's grandfather who lived here until 2006.  He had purchased it fifty years previous from his wife's parents' estate.  It truly is a family farm.  We started with one AQHA-registered quarter horse named Ace.  We have since added another Quarter horse named Flame, a haflinger named Sugar,  and a paint pony for the girls named Ginger.  Our goat collection started with two pygmy wethers.  It soon grew to 5 pygmies.  My husband caught the "Goat Bug" quickly then.  In January 2000, we bought our first two Boers. The herd has grown from that.  We now have in the neighborhood of 50 Boer and Boer-cross goats.  The pygmies have been sold little by little and are now gone.  We also raise our own beef and have chickens for both eggs and meat.  There are also rabbits and a black-lab mix stray who decided to stay and who thinks she's a herding dog.                                     
High Hill Acres
This vintage print was found of the farm.  We believe it was taken in the 1960's.
This was taken in July of 2004 after we removed the aluminum siding.
This was taken in May of 2005 after we put up the new vinyl siding.